Quality Assurance and Control

The quality of our finished products starts with a well designed world class ISO certified quality assurance system. All our processes are well documented - right from understanding the stated and implied needs of the customers, translating it into manufacturing process design and quality plans, ensuring good process controls, testing the first off samples beyond the customers’ specification etc.

This system is backed up by a well-equipped quality control facilities such as 27 channel (22 elements) vacuum emission spectrometer, hardness testers, pyrometers, metallurgical microscope, fluorescent and normal dye penetrant test set up, dip type thermocouples, weld testing set up and measuring instruments.
All these equipment are periodically calibrated against National standards in order to ensure accuracy. Specialized testing facilities such as radiography, trace element and gas analysis, tensile testing, corrosion testing etc are available with subcontractors.

Heat Treatment

Zircast is now commissioning a sophisticated gas fired heat treatment furnace of 500 kg capacity capable of reaching 1200 ºC. The setup is also equipped with an automatic charge transfer and quenching facility. Special features of this furnace are

  • calibration using the master thermocouple,
  • thermal survey to ensure a maximum variation of 10 ºC within the hearth area,
  • use of Pt/ Pt-Rh thermocouple for temperature measurement,
  • water quenching with cooling arrangement and agitation,
  • quenching the charge within 30 sec after removal from the furnace.

    This facility will be used for solutionising of stainless steels, normalizing / annealing of carbon steels etc.
    Additional specialised heat treatment such as solutionising, homogenizing, aging, case carburising, hardening, tempering, double tempering are carried out with subcontractors.

    Backup Power Generation

    At Zircast, both the factories are equipped with 100% standby captive generation.
    Two generators of 325 KVA ratings at Plant II, One each of 325 KVA and 125 KVA at Plant I can operate either singly or in parallel, which can ensure that all our facilities operate without interruption even when there is no power supply from the grid. At Plant II there is a 5 KVA mini generator to keep only the slurry mixers working even during weekends and holidays.


    Whenever customers’ requirement includes additional operations on the castings, Zircast has access to a large and well equipped vendor base to cater to the requirements.

    • Machined castings: Facilities are available for turning, heavy duty turning including machining of hard & tough Indellite castings, CNC machining, cylindrical, internal & surface grinding, threading etc
    • Heat Treatment: Specialised heat treatment such as solutionising, homogenizing, aging, case carburising, hardening, tempering, double tempering are carried out with subcontractors. This is in addition to the in-house gas fired heat treatment facility with auto quenching facility that is being established at our unit II.
    • Die Making: Dies for investment casting and cast Iron/ Steel dies required for centrifugal casting are designed at our factory but are subcontracted to die makers, some of them having CNC machines.
    • NDT facilities: Radiography, trace element analysis, corrosion tests, mechanical properties ( UTS, Yield & elongation) , photomicrography, gas analysis etc are carried out at our subcontractors’ facilities.