Heat Treatment

Zircast is now commissioning a sophisticated gas fired heat treatment furnace of 500 kg capacity capable of reaching 1200 ºC. The setup is also equipped with an automatic charge transfer and quenching facility. Special features of this furnace are

  • calibration using the master thermocouple,
  • thermal survey to ensure a maximum variation of 10 ºC within the hearth area,
  • use of Pt/ Pt-Rh thermocouple for temperature measurement,
  • water quenching with cooling arrangement and agitation,
  • quenching the charge within 30 sec after removal from the furnace.

This facility will be used for solutionising of stainless steels, normalizing / annealing of carbon steels etc. Additional specialised heat treatment such as solutionising, homogenizing, aging, case carburising, hardening, tempering, double tempering are carried out with subcontractors.