The facility has 100, 150 and 3 Nos. of 300 kgs. induction crucibles, connected to two power pack of 150 kW & 250 kW.
The 150 kW furnace with 300 kg crucible is used for the Horizontal Continues Casting (HCC). Heats above 300 kgs. is taken by pouring subsequent charge using the 250 kW furnace.
The 250 kW furnace with 300 kg crucible is used for Centrifugal Casting (CFC). Sometimes the 100 and 150 kgs. crucibles connected to the 150 kW furnace is also used for Centrifugal Castings. The combination of the two furnaces is used to pour castings with cast weight upto 450 kgs.
There are two separate bays for HCC and CFC. Both the bays are equipped with overhead cranes to handle the molten metals and dies.
Immersion type thermocouple is used to measure the temperature before casting.

Centrifugal Casting

Measured quantity of molten metal is poured into a spinning cylindrical metallic die. Due to the action of centrifugal force, molten metal spreads uniformly against the inner wall of the die and solidifies. This process results in a cylindrical shaped casting. The advantages of the process are

  • Rapid production rates as the need for sand moulds are eliminated.
  • Defect free castings are ensured, due to the absence of contact with molding sand.
  • The metal solidifies under high levels of centrifugal force in contact with a metal die, hence castings exhibit fine grains. This results in extremely high mechanical properties and radiographic quality of castings.